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Bozeman Folklore SocietyFind us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterThe Bozeman Folklore Society (BFS) is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, enjoying and sharing the music, dance, arts, crafts, and skills of traditional cultures. It is an associate group of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS).


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>>>>> Folk News Flash <<<<<

Upcoming concerts:

July 27 - Red Molly at the Ellen Theatre

Some summer dance activity in our area and around Montana:

July 24 – Asian/Montana Culture Night at Shy Bear  (dancing & singing & great food)

July 21-24 – Square dance workshops at Lolo Square Dance center – get you ready for

Aug 13-15 --USA West dance event in Helena – a summary of Contra events

August 15-16     Hamilton, MT
The Montana Reel & Strathspey Society plays music Saturday daytime.
MRSS will play again that night for the Ceilidh. 
Susan Hinkins will take us through dances.
(Bozeman dancers will know these, they're danceable by attendees in general.)

Sept. 12 IndepenDANCE
At the Ellen Theater of Downtown Bozeman
Sara Suta has gathered a group to perform Scottish Country Dancing.
Ticket sales will be available at the theater closer to the show date.

Sept 19-20th
Dancing in the Country at Weather Rock Barn!!
Northeast of Bridger Bowl on the Gallatin/Park County line.
One of the easiest dance floors around. Great acoustics. Gorgeous views.
And of course, the most welcoming folks around.
Dancing: International Folk, Scottish Country, Contra, Waltzes.


July 24 – Asian/Montana Culture Night at Shy Bear Farm  (dancing & singing & great food)

Asian students attending a UM summer program love to come to Shy Bear Farm to see Montana’s beauty and to share food and dance with the Missoula Folklore Society. Great food from the Good Food Store (altho you are welcome to bring your favorite Montana treats). 

Students will dance some contra dances with us and then demonstrate some of their folk dances/songs.

WHEN: 5:30pm catered dinner; 7-10 pm – dance & songWHERE: directions same as above.

July 21-24 – Lolo Square Dance Center offers some workshops on Square dance

As you may have heard, the USA West Square/Round/ & yes Contra dance gathering will be in Helena this August 13-15. Some of the folks who both square dance and contra dance have organized a contra dance venue. There are 3 days of contra workshops and dances (described in the article below this one).  If you have previously taken square dance lessons but are rusty, you can refresh your skills and be able to enjoy both square dancing and contra – thanks to the Lolo Square Dance Center (LSDC) which will offer some square dance workshops in July.  If you have not previously taken any square dance lessons, these workshops probably will not get you to where you can square dance in August (unless you are a very quick study), but they will help you to appreciate what is going on if you watch some of the square dancing (which is pretty entertaining). Note that the beginning level of square dance is called mainstream (higher levels are called Plus, Advanced & Challenge).

 Mainstream workshops are listed on LSDC’s July calendar

   July 21 -- 10 am & 2pm – Mainstream workshops

   July 22 -- 10 am Mainstream workshop     7:30 pm Mainstream dance

   July 23 – 10 am & 2pm – Mainstream workshops

   July 24—10 am – Mainstream workshops;   7:30 pm Mainstream dance

   July 26—7:30pm  Mainstream dance

More about the above workshops at

Note – if you have no previous experience with Mainstream square dance, you should not try to dance at the dances – there are no walk-throughs. But you can watch the dances and see folks doing the figures – which will reinforce what you see in the workshops. Note that there are 68 different figures in Mainstream alone. Quite a bit more than in Contra – hence the need for lessons.

August 13-15 – USA West dance gathering in Helena

 This annual regional gathering of dancers features Square, Round & Contra dance. More info at

More info on the contra program at

Contra dancers may enjoy some of the other workshops (such as waltz workshop  at 9am on Aug 13).

But here’s the contra program:

Aug 13 (Thursday)

   11 am to noon -- Transition to Contra for Square Dancers—Dave Fullaway

   2pm-3pm  -- Handling transitions – Marty Albini; band – WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

   3-4pm – Contra Caller Workshop – Roy Curet; band -- WMD

   4-5pm – Traditional Squares workshop – Steve Braun; band – WMD

   7-10 pm – Contra Dance – Band – Rhubarb Ridge; callers: Bev Young, Roy Curet

Aug 14 (Friday)

   10 am -11am – Transition to Contra for Square Dancers—Vicki Watson; band Rhubarb Ridge

   1:30-2:30pm – Triplet Contras – Bev Young; band – WMD

   3pm -4pm – Transition from Contra to Squares – Bob Riggs

   4pm-5pm – Frills & Flourishes for contra – Marty Albini; band WMD

   7pm-10pm – Contra dance – Band: Skippin a Groove; Callers: Vicki Watson, Marty Albini

Aug 15 (Saturday)

   10 am -11 am – Traditional Squares – Steve Braun; band—Skippin a Groove

   2pm-3pm – Smooooooth Contras – Roy Curet; band --Weatherwood

   3-4pm –Dancing through History – Mark Matthews

   4-5pm – Complicated Contras – Roy Curet; band –Weatherwood

   7-10 pm—Contra Dance – Band: Weatherwood;  callers: Derek Gallagher, Mark Matthews, Steve Braun

Nearby at the same time – Square and Round dance workshops and dancing are going on.

So you always have the chance to take a look at those.

In memory of Ben Bullington, we are proud to present an archive of Ben's performances we have featured on the KGLT Sunday Music Spotlight.

September is membership renewal month. But you can join any time. BFS members play an important role in preserving and promoting folk music and dancing traditions and enjoy these other benefits:

Dancing: BFS sponsors international folk dancing, Scottish country dancing and bi-monthly contra dances (October through May). BFS members receive discount admission at contra dances. See the Dance page for a current schedule.

Music: BFS concerts feature folk, bluegrass and Americana performers in a warm acoustic setting plus the occasional Irish Ceilidh. BFS members enjoy a discount for all concerts. See the Concerts page for more info on upcoming shows and the KGLT Sunday Music Spotlight schedule.

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