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Bozeman Folklore Society and the Park County Homeschool Network
to Host Missoula Children’s Theater Production of The Wizard of Oz
July 27th – August 1st, 2009

WHAT: Missoula Children's Theatre performance of The Wizard of Oz www.mctinc.org

WHEN: Auditions are Monday, July 27 at 10am. Rehearsals are July 27th – Aug. 1st from 10am -2:30pm. Performances are Aug. 1st (afternoon and evening times to be determined).

WHERE: Holbrook United Methodist Church, Corner of 5th and Lewis, Livingston, MT.
COST: $50 per child.
WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Area children ages 6 (entering 1st grade) – 18. Missoula Children’s Theatre accepts a limit of 60 children per production. They reserve the right to limit the cast to smaller numbers if appropriate age level quotas are not met.
QUESTIONS: Contact Julia Reichert at 222-5288, 223-0963 or jrenterprises@wispwest.net


  1. Print and sign the Wizard of Oz Permission and Sign up Form One form for each child please.
  2. Write a check to Julia Reichert for the appropriate amount.
  3. Put a form(s) in an envelope and mail it to: Julia Reichert 102 Willow Creek Rd. Livingston, MT 59047

* A part for your child is reserved only when your check and forms are received

On Monday, two actor/directors from MCT roll into town with all of the scripts, sets, lights and costumes needed to put on a play. All children audition on Monday morning and are given their parts. Auditions are low key, fun, and done all together as a group.

The children rehearse all week, with two performances on Saturday. Younger children (6 – 7 year olds) generally rehearse four ½ days and then are required for a full day on Saturday. Older children will be given their rehearsal schedule when they are assigned their parts but will be expected for rehearsal at some point each day all week. By Thursday, older children will be rehearsing a full day.

Directors give parts based on quality auditions, personality traits, age and appearance. They have no prior knowledge of your child’s previous acting experiences. Contact people and host families usually meet the directors only on audition day as well. Children who have good listening skills, cheerful attitudes, loud voices and smiling faces usually get parts with more lines and responsibilities.

Because of tight time schedules, the directors require that the kids skip or reschedule any other commitments they may have that week. Some workshops are included in the cost of registration. They occur outside normal rehearsal times and are optional. These will be announced during rehearsals.

This production is made possible with support from:

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