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15th Annual Wintergreen Contra Dance Weekend -- dancing, music and workshops in beautiful Bozeman, MT. 


January 29-31, 2016 - Register Now

>>>>Bozeman Senior Center<<<<
807 North Tracy Avenue, Bozeman

2016 Dance Weekend Schedule

This year's featured artists:


BETSY BRANCH - fiddle/guitar
BILL TOMCZAK - clarinet/sax/percussion
TERRY WERGELAND - piano/accordion

The Quarks are a Northwest supergroup drawn from some of the finest musicians in the dance universe. Betsy (of Wild Hair, the Portland Megaband, and The BFD) and Terry (of BLT Sandwich and Singularity) have played together since 1994, and Bill (one of the renowned Latter Day Lizards as well as BLT, Yankee Ingenuity, and Wild Asparagus) joined them in 2012. With their mix of styles, instruments, and improvisational natures, the only predictable thing about them is stimulating and inventive dance music. The fun they have playing together connects directly to the dance floor.


ADAM NORDELL - guitar/banjo/foot percussion/vocals
JOHANNA DAVIS - fiddle/banjo/vocals

Sassafras Stomp is a high-energy folk music duo with one foot in Maine and one foot in western Montana. Weaving together diverse fiddle traditions, and evocative songwriting with a strong rhythmic sensibility, Johanna and Adam build a rich, dynamic roots sound marked by driving foot percussion and sweet harmony vocals. Busy for most of the year at their Maine organic farm, we are delighted to have them back at Wintergreen in 2016.

Their most recent CD release “Cornstalk Fiddle” celebrates a confluence of traditional fiddle music and newer approaches to harmony and rhythm. The album is a tribute to the rural roots of folk music and to the young farmer movement - Davis and Nordell are proud to be part of both.

Erik WebergERIK WEBERG (calling)

Erik chooses dances tailored to the occasion and provides a wealth of variety, sometimes even writing dances on the spot. He has two criteria: the dances have to feel good and be fun. His teaching is encouraging, clear, and concise making it easy for all to gain a sense of mastery and to keep momentum rolling throughout the evening. On occasion he weaves the beautiful flowing figures of English dances into a contra.

Erik uses a playful approach and a good dose of community cooperation to connect the music and the dancers. As he says: "Flow, interesting figures, and connection with the music are what make dancing sublime. " 

Saturday Workshops

Saturday morning and early afternoon will be filled with a stimulating assortment of concurrently running workshops:

  • Try challenging dances, learn new moves and how to embellish and improvise.
  • Add to your dance music chops with face-to-face lessons from some of the best in the business. Focus on aspects of ensemble playing for both advanced and beginning musicians.
  • Call on the main stage for an afternoon dance with what you learned in the caller workshop.

Expect to come away with something you didn't know before, regardless of your experience coming in.

Bozeman Senior CenterVenue

The Emerson was double booked this year so the entire weekend has been moved to the Bozeman Senior Center on the corner of Tracy and Tamarack (807 N. Tracy). The Center has a big, beautiful wood dance floor, lots of parking, comfy couches, and great workshop space and kitchen/dining facilities. The acoustics are better too and it's still only about 8 blocks from Main Street.


More About Bozeman

Bozeman is a beautiful and historic town with fantastic scenery, great places to eat, friendly people, best enjoyed on foot. Elevation is 4,810 feet above sea level and population is 32,000 plus 10,000 college students (home of Montana State University). If you want a lot more details ask the Chamber of Commerce or Bozeman Net.

Schedule some extra time to ski Bridger, Bohart Ranch, Moonlight Basin or Big Sky. Or go south a couple hours to Yellowstone Park, the first and oldest national park in the world. Take in a geyser in winter glory by ski or snowcoach or the Boiling River, a natural hot springs (if you're willing to take your clothes off in sub-zero weather and can find a nice river rock to sit on - bathing suits required).

Bozeman winter weather can be unpredictable. Find out more at travel.state.mt.us/whatsnew/roadsandweather. Bozeman is located in south central Montana between Butte and Billings, Montana along Interstate 90. The airport serving the area is Gallatin Field and is located ten minutes west of Bozeman and just east of Belgrade. It provides service for major airlines including Delta, Northwest, United, Horizon and Frontier. Daily flights to Salt Lake City, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver and Seattle provide convenient connecting service to domestic and international airports.