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15th Annual Wintergreen Contra Dance Weekend, three days of dancing, music and workshops in beautiful downtown Bozeman, MT.

January 23-25, 2015

Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture - 111 South Grand Avenue, Bozeman

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This year's featured artists:
 Mean Lids


MATT TURINO - fiddle/guitar/foot percussion
MIRIAM LARSON - flute and jaw harp
BEN SMITH - fiddle/banjo

Mix one part smooth Irish session, one part spicy cajun-zydeco, one part hot western swing, with two parts driving southern old-time and take it down to the local dance hall. There you have the Mean Lids, a young, energetic acoustic trio currently resident in central Illinois. Playing a mix of original and traditional tunes, the Mean Lids produce an exciting, unique sound born from the living traditions of American fiddle and dance music.

Only as mean as they need to be to keep the grit in their tones and the edge on their tunes, they are never seen without their signature cranial apparel. Spot them by their hats, their long lonesome sounds, and the @$$ kicking "chin-cello" grooves emanating from their mean, mean fiddle fingers. The trio is highly regarded for their ability to provide hours of driving, pulsating music for contra dances.

See how they do it: http://www.meanlids.com/.

Bandage A Trois

DAVID COMBS - piano accordion

Playing eclectic danceable tunes from Celtic Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, & England; and from France, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, French Canada, and the United States, with a little classical thrown in for good measure.

This lively Idaho Falls/Salt Lake City trio has been playing contra dances together since 2007 including recent dance festivals like the Wasatch Wiggle, Lava Meltdown, and Northwest Folklife. Accomplished dancers as well as musicians, they have attended Wintergreen numerous times.

You’ve danced with them, now come dance to them!

Diane SilverDIANE SILVER (calling)

Diane Silver hails from the dance mecca of Asheville, North Carolina. She mixes high-energy, modern dances with more traditional styles. As an educator in all aspects of her life, she has a flexible teaching style that appeals to both beginners and experienced dancers.

Her versatile workshop repertoire includes Appalachian flatfooting, everyone-active squares, a plethora of couples dances, and the art of calling. Specifically contra, she can teach you how to demystify the mysterious and learn universal truths about shadows, buddies, multiple progression and end effects. With her expert guidance, challenging dances are made easy.

If we want frosting on our cake, Diane can expose us to Asheville-style contra flourishes imported from swing dancing. She'll teach not only basic swing dance moves within a contra context, but also the critical skills of timing, tailoring to your partner's skill and preferences, keeping it safe, and the fine art of good judgment (when to go for the showy moves, and when not).

Emerson Center for Culture and the ArtsVenue

All dances and workshops will be held at the elegant Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture (www.theemerson.org/) located at 111 South Grand Avenue. Within walking distance of historic downtown Bozeman shops and galleries, the Emerson features a spacious ballroom with a beautiful new wood floor. It is also home to art galleries, a restaurant, and several other performance venues.

More About Bozeman

Bozeman is a beautiful and historic town with fantastic scenery, great places to eat, friendly people, best enjoyed on foot. Elevation is 4,810 feet above sea level and population is 32,000 plus 10,000 college students (home of Montana State University). If you want a lot more details ask the Chamber of Commerce or Bozeman Net.

Schedule some extra time to ski Bridger, Bohart Ranch, Moonlight Basin or Big Sky. Or go south a couple hours to Yellowstone Park, the first and oldest national park in the world. Take in a geyser in winter glory by ski or snowcoach or the Boiling River, a natural hot springs (if you're willing to take your clothes off in sub-zero weather and can find a nice river rock to sit on - bathing suits required).

Bozeman winter weather can be unpredictable. Find out more at travel.state.mt.us/whatsnew/roadsandweather. Bozeman is located in south central Montana between Butte and Billings, Montana along Interstate 90. The airport serving the area is Gallatin Field and is located ten minutes west of Bozeman and just east of Belgrade. It provides service for major airlines including Delta, Northwest, United, Horizon and Frontier. Daily flights to Salt Lake City, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver and Seattle provide convenient connecting service to domestic and international airports.